Features of our service
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Realistic communication in the 5G era
A truly surrealistic SNS in the 5G era that communicates, shares, empathizes, and connects through objects and spaces that go beyond the mobile environment with the real world ‘me’.
My own special Deco message, in the real world
A service that allows you to create joy and emotion by using 3D messages or pretty decorations to recreate a special atmosphere with your own tastes and sensibilities in real objects or spaces.
Convenient new concept of shopping paradigm
A new concept shopping service that allows you to quickly and easily make shopping decisions and purchases by providing all the information necessary to purchase a product, if you are just
A game at real objects, in real space!
A service that allows you to experience the vivid world of AR games that unfold on the objects and spaces around you. Experience new realistic games, from simple tabletop games to pet raising games that allow you to directly touch and interact with your own pet.
Realistic education through experience beyond knowledge
In the 5G era, you can acquire knowledge through more three-dimensional and realistic interactions using augmented reality for objects, nature, teaching aids, and textbooks. By connecting students and professionals from around the world like never before, we can redefine the concept of the classroom.
Our core technology
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AI(Deep Learning)
Merge AI has the ability to quickly learn, recognize, and analyze images or videos projected on the user’s mobile device. By utilizing a variety of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, it can learn and classify complex images faster and more precisely, and can also facilitate interaction and communication between users and content, including: Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), which operates on a working principle similar to that of the human visual cortex Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to identify characters in images A Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) that generates various images Natural Language Processing (NLP), which enables computers to understand human language
AR(Image Processing)
Merge AR is the company’s core technology. Even when it is confronted with an unknown object, it can be recognized immediately without a prior learning process. Using multi-object tracking technology, AR content is instantly relocated, and Visual-SLAM and objects are made into more realistic AR content through 3D digital objectification, making it easy for anyone to create and distribute AR.
Block Chain
Blockchain technology is applied so that forgery in the production, transaction, and settlement of 3D assets and game items in Merge is completely impossible. This means that the value of each asset increases through its uniqueness (NFT), which supports the establishment of a fair trading ecosystem through fair compensation and consumption according to each activity.
Big Data
Merge’s Big Data collects and analyzes various data placed on objects to recommend personal customized content, and becomes a source of curation technology that can provide products and services that meet customer needs as well as corporate marketing.
Our key factor
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of AR
The instant recognition technology that the app provides without a separate device or prior learning makes it possible for any user to easily produce, distribute, and consume AR contents for any object in any space.
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of Object
Just by recognizing one object, various services such as SNS, AR, assets, advertisements, commerce, and games can be used through augmented objects, so the object can function as a platform without extra cost or time consumption.
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of merge
Merge provides strong rewards that enable real transactions to encourage users voluntarily participate in the production and consumption of various contents, such as registering things, leaving comments, and selling games and assets.
The method of leaving personal traces on online continues
to evolve with the development
of communications infrastructure
1st generation
Closed SNS
Services that bring offline relationships online
2nd generation
Open SNS
Services that expand the relationship to an unspecified majority online
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3rd generation
Interest-focused SNS
Customized services focused on specific interests, such as online photos and videos.
4th generation
Realistic SNS
Truly immersive SNS combining 5G-based online and offline emotions.