MergeRity, a name that was coined by combining the words Merge+Reality,
is a company that aims to lead the realistic content ecosystem in the 5G era
by combining digital content with real objects and spaces.
By combining AI, AR, and blockchain technology, connects all stories and information in the world,
we are building an integrated platform that ?
while organically connecting the real world with the fun experiences that can be found in the digital world.
We present the future of the surreal era beyond imagination.
MergeRity is the gateway that creates a new ecosystem that connects digital and real world.
What is merge?
Merge is a new realistic service that will lead the 5G era by combining digital content in real-world space, and is a platform to communicate, consume and enjoy people, things and space as a medium.
MergeRity hopes that better values and culture will permeate into Merge, and become a part of our lives while providing you with the joy of a diverse and expanded lifestyle.